About Us

Cor Theatre began with a vision to create theatrical experiences that are rarely presented in Chicago by artists who seek to defy expectation. In the summer of 2012, Victoria DeIorio and Tosha Fowler produced Gary Henderson’s “Skin Tight”, a story about powerful, enduring love presented in a riveting theatrical style. The show received strong reviews, was welcomed by audiences, and made just enough money to establish a not-for-profit incorporation. We decided on the name Cor because it derives its name from the Latin root of courage: meaning heart.

While eager to begin producing immediately, we realized that the only way to continue creating exciting and quality theater was to build a strong organizational foundation. Over the last two years, we have brought together a dynamic group of artists, developed a business structure, and recruited an extremely supportive Board of Directors.

2015 marked our first official season, featuring the Chicago premiere of “A Map of Virtue” by Erin Courtney and a updated version of Brad Fraser’s “Love and Human Remains.” Directed by Founder and Artistic Director Tosha Fowler, “A Map of Virtue”  journeyed into the heart of darkness to uncover a story about the supernatural and how we try to understand evil. In the summer, Company Member Ernie Nolan directed “Love and Human Remains.” This production featured an eclectic group of homo and heterosexuals looking for love in all the wrong places while the serial murders of women run rampant in Chicago.

In our inaugural season, we saw an audience of over 1,400 support our work. Please continue to join in our growing organization!