How We Work

Cor Theatre is comprised of artists from all over the US who call Chicago home because it is here, in Chicago, where we are inspired to create great theatre.

Cor starts each project with a story. The story may be personal or come from our neighbors, the news or an established play. We then ask a series of questions:

  Does the story move me?
  Does the story scare me?
  Does it break me open and expose my cor and/or those around me?
  Have I seen this story explored before?
  Will this story defy expectation?
  Can I tell this story unlike anyone else?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then we discuss and decide on producing it. We believe that the most important thing in life is time. It’s the only thing that is truly ours and we must not waste it. If the story is worthy of both our time and our audience, we will create a theatrical experience not to be missed.

Creating theatre is unique to each project and story being told. As a company, we discuss and agree upon a plan most conducive to developing a thriving performance. We then build a sturdy structure to work from while allowing flexibility within the process to promote artistic impulse and creativity.

Our ensemble is involved in all aspects of creation and production. We nurture our projects from the initial incarnation of an idea to greeting our audience on closing night after the show. You may see us on stage one moment and taking out the trash the next.

We often meet around a table of food or at one of our favorite bars. Contact us if you’re interested in exchanging ideas or stories.