Artistic Director Tosha Fowler on “Late Company”

A good friend of mine once pondered the expression “It’s all downhill from here” and surmised that it doesn’t mean life gets worse as we get older and as time passes. Rather, life just rolls on faster and faster. For some, there are indeed moments filled with a sense of helplessness. For others, there are nothing but those moments. In Late Company by Jordan Tannahill, we witness an argument and debate over the cause of a suicide.  We see the effect one individual’s decision to no longer endure those feelings of helplessness has on those closest to them. But, from the lament within this story, we must also heed the actions these two families take: they come to the table.

In the climate our community and society find their self currently, coming to the table to listen, respect, and engage constructively may prove to be difficult—to say the least—regardless on which side you prefer to sit. But can we be bold? Can we “affect some change in the situation” rather than recede into corners of helplessness and hopelessness? It is my sincere hope that we can. The two families in Late Company are brave enough to hope so as well. Your life, your community, your country, your world depends on that hope. Without it, we may never be able to transform tragedy into beauty; we may never be able to see beauty rather than tragedy.

But that is only where we must each begin, individually.  “How do we affect change?” is a question we must work to answer together. If we are fortunate enough to find the answer, time may slow just enough for us to enjoy some peace.

Thank you for coming to our table at Cor Theatre. 

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